Workout of the Day, September 19th 2014
Front squat   1x5
Front squat   1x5
Front squat   1x5
Front squat   3 x 3
Workout of the Day, September 19th 2014

# mario and luigi

16 min AMRAP

Sprint Down and Back (Partner 1)

Sprint Down and Back (Partner 2)

Farmer Carry Down back (Partner 1)

Farmer Carry Down and back (Partner 2)

10 Box Jump Overs (Partner 1)

10 Box Jump Overs (Partner 2)

10 Reverse Burpees (Partner 1)

10 Reverse Burpees (Partner 2)

Partner 1 Complete an entire round

Partner 2 Complete an entire round

Buddy Carry Down (Switch)

Buddy Carry Back (Switch)

Starting with Partner 1 Sprint Down and Back, Repeat sequence as many rounds as possible.


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